Welcome to CNS Infrastructure Ltd.

CNS helps to build your dreams in royal and modern way on the basis of current market scenario and latest construction technology known as Un-bonded Post-Tensioning Construction.
The Company uses a most Economical slab design in Post Tension (PT) construction technique. Company's main objective is to provide its clients value for  money and
innovative solutions. Its greatest asset lies in the skills and experience of its personnel, which makes it even more attractive and classy.
CNS has a multi-disciplinary practice with core staff of Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Building Surveyors, and Quantity Surveyors & Construction Professionals.
CNS has relationships with a number of companies & individuals based in Gujarat, Maharashtra, India & USA who provide us additional skills, resource and particularly flexibility to back up support.

What is Post-Tensioning?

Post-Tensioning is a method of reinforcing concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands or bars, typically referred to as tendons. Post-Tensioning systems require specialized knowledge and expertise to manufacture, fabricate, assemble and install. It is based on gravity load analysis and design only.